Tsar Petar Residential Building

Tsar Petar Residential Building

is located in Sofia, Triaditca, 15 Tsar Petar St.

“Tsar Petar” is a luxury residential building. A new line for the third branch of the Sofia Metro is constructed near the building. Great number of shops, schools, kindergartens and some of the most reputable hospitals are situated in this part of the city.


Sofia, Triaditca, 15 Tsar Petar St.

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GPS coordinates: 42.6863330,23.3118475

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    projects jilishtna sgrada tsar petar

    100% Completed

    sense of coziness and comfort
    hermitage icon 12027

    Entrance doors

    armored, tripartite lock

    Modern, comfortable and furnished

    hermitage icon smart thermometer

    Heat pump

    last generation
    hermitage icon 12008

    Reinforced concrete structure

    9th grade earthquake secured
    hermitage icon smart blinds


    aluminum joinery

    Video surveillance

    V-TEK video intercom installation
    hermitage icon smart console

    Access control

    to the yard and building
    Tsar Petar Residential Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC



    • The building has underground and ground floor as well as four residential floors.
    • The building consists of modern, comfortable and functional apartments as well as commercial space located in the basement and ground floor. It can be used as office, medical center, café and more.
    • There are 4 parking places for visitors of the building
    • Elegant furnished apartments with Italian furnished
    • The commercial property has an area of 205,35 sq.m, 1-bedroom apartments – 85.27 sq.m and 86.07 sq.m, the penthouse – 195.66 sq.m. The commercial space has an area of 185 square meters.


    Reinforced concrete structure. Exterior walls are made of Porothermна Wienerberger (Austria) ceramic bricks and have 25 cm thickness. The building is seismically safe – it is 9th grade earthquake secured.


    The facade is designed in combination of thermal insulation system with 12 cm thickness and a mineral parget finish; natural stone decorative friezes by the windows and balconies and glass architecture elements give a beautiful end to the building.

    Tsar Petar Residential Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC


    Tsar Petar Residential Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC