Taliya Residential Building

Taliya Residential Building

is located in Sofia, Krastova vada, 31 Gen. Ivan Kolev St.

“Taliya” has exciting view towards Vitosha mountain. The name is chosen for purpose – it means “the joyous, the flourishing” from ancient Greek and it is also the name of one of the three Graces that symbolizes love.
It offers modern, comfortable and functional apartments.

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Sofia, Krastova vada, 31 Gen. Ivan Kolev St.

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GPS coordinates: 42.6508879,23.3127197

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    The building is



    100% Completed

    sense of coziness and comfort
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    Entrance doors

    armored, tripartite lock
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    Garage doors

    electric driven “Flying wing”
    hermitage icon smart thermometer

    Power-saving boilers

    last generation
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    Reinforced concrete structure

    9th grade earthquake secured

    Luxury KONE elevator

    in case of power cut the elevator automatically moves to the nearest floor

    Video surveillance

    V-TEK video intercom installation
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    Yard landscaping

    including alley lighting and benches
    Taliya Residental Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC



    The average housing area is 90 square meters. The one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments guarantee spaciousness and functionality. Areas with mirror disposition could be united if more space is needed. Most residences have unique view towards the mountain.


    Reinforced concrete structure. The exterior walls are made of Wienerberger’s Porotherm bricks and are 25 cm thick. The building is seismically safe and it is 9th grade earthquake secured.


    The facade is decorated in soft pastel colors, which highlight the dark window and door frames that complete the beautiful appearance of the building. The building has thermal insulation system with total thickness of 9 cm and a modern, durable and aesthetic mineral rendering, manufactured by BAUMIT (Austria). Ground floor is lined with natural stone, which gives a prestigious appearance to the building.

    Engineering systems

    All installations (electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) meet the modern standards and requirements. They are precisely implemented by proven professionals and high quality materials are used as well.

    • The electrical system is equipped with appliances from Schneider Electric (Germany) company;
    • The building has local heating, using Eco Thermal (Bulgaria) individual boilers. Each apartment is provided with one of them and they ensure the heating of the radiators. Terminals for installing air conditioning systems are built in each apartment;
    • Plumbing installation is realized using PIPELINE (Austria) materials.


    The building has a luxury KONE elevator with modern design. It can simultaneously transport up to 8 people. In case of power cut the elevator automatically moves to the nearest floor and opens the door.


    • A remotely controlled facility for access control is installed at the entrance of the courtyard;
    • The front door of the building has access control connected to the V-TEK video intercom installation;
    • “Taliya” residential building is partially fenced with monolithic socle through the plot’s perimeter. There is a lightweight open-work part with total height of 220 cm;
    • Security reception in the lobby.

    Common areas

    The common areas of the building are a natural extension of the apartments, having the same qualities – elegance, style and finesse.

    Doors, door and window frames

    The entrance doors are armored, with three locks, manufactured by SOLID55, a leading Bulgarian company. They guarantee security and reliability.
    “Flying wing” garage doors with automatic actuators installed, controlled by a remote control panel and are large and high enough for large-sized vehicles, Novofem (Germany)
    The facade door and window frames are made of high quality aluminum with 92 mm thickness and thermal break. It is produced by the leading European manufacturer EXALCO.
    Glass pane is using energy efficient glass.

    Taliya Residental Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC


    Taliya Residental Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC