Danaya Residential Building

Danaya Residential Building

Danaya residential building is located in Sofia, Mladost 4, 440A Prof. Alexander Tanev St.

It has a beautiful view towards Vitosha mountain and a well-appointed private yard. The location brings a sense of vastness and spaciousness.

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Sofia, Mladost 4, 440A Prof. Alexander Tanev St.

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GPS coordinates: 42.6305809,23.3812619

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    The building is



    100% Completed

    sense of coziness and comfort
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    Entrance door

    armored, tripartite lock
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    Garage doors

    electric driven “Flying wing”
    hermitage icon smart thermometer

    Central heating

    with remote registering heat-flow meter installed

    Video surveillance

    V-TEK video intercom installation
    hermitage icon smart console

    Metal gate

    with remote control

    Access to the yard

    for cars and pedestrians
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    Yard landscaping

    including alley lighting and benches
    Danaya Residential Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC



    The building has 48 apartments, where each stair lobby has 4 apartments.
    The apartments consist of living room with kitchenette, bathroom and one, two or three bedrooms. The area from 80 to 150 square meters provides space and functionality.
    There is a security reception on the ground floor.


    The building has monolithic reinforced concrete, post-and-panel structure. It is 9th level earthquake secured. External walls are made of 25 cm thick ceramic bricks.


    All installations (electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) meet the modern standards and requirements. They are precisely implemented by proven professionals and high quality materials are used as well. The building has central heating, using thermos-electric power station and radiators. Terminals for air conditioning systems are provided in each apartment. Plumbing and sanitation are connected to the central transmission urban network. The electrical system is set with self-power supply to each apartment.


    Common parts

    Executed in interior design project, they bring a sense of comfort achieved through:

    • Entrance door of the building with access control;
    • Video surveillance in the common areas of the ground floor, basement and yard;
    • Video intercom system;
    • Granite tile staircases and corridors;
    • Designer metal parapet
    • Yard landscaping including alley lighting and benches;
    • Car access to the yard, folding metal gate with remote control;
    • Pedestrian access folding metal gate to the yard, with access control and connection with the video intercom system;

    Materials invested in the building:

    • Weinberger POROTHERM masonry (Austria)
    • Aluminum joinery with thermal break, WICONA 65 EVO series (Germany) and double-pane unit with low-emission glass and argon glass;
    • Armored, tripartite lock entrance doors, SOLID 55 (Bulgaria);
    • Leveled putty in all rooms and wet rooms;
    • Stucco RÖFIX (Austria) in wet rooms – lining fabric plaster RÖFIX (Austria)
    • BDS electric installation including installed electric switches, sockets and lamp-holders LEGRAND (France)
    • Table electrical equipment including residual-current shielding provided by Schneider Electric (Germany);
    • Plumbing and drain installation using terminals with tamper including water flowmeter with remote registering option, pipes produced by PIPELIFE (Austria);
    • Central heating with remote registering heat-flow meter installed;
    • Aluminum radiators with thermostatic head;
    • Terminals (mounted trails) for air conditioning system in every room;
    • Electric driven “Flying wing” garage doors, big enough for large-sized vehicles, Novoferm (Germany);


    Luxury elevators by SCHINDLER (Germany), one of the world leaders in the industry. Each of them can transport up to 8 people at the same time.
    In case of power cut the elevator automatically moves to the nearest floor and opens the door.


    The facade is designed in two types of facade systems:

    • Thermal insulation system BAUMIT (Austria), with a total thickness of 9 cm and impressive mineral coating finish;
    • Ventillable curtain walls with 8 cm insulation thickness and HPL composite panels finish, with total thickness of 14 cm, FUNDERMAX (Austria).

    Ground floor is lined with natural stone, which gives prestigious appearance to the building.


    The roof is implemented in accordance with an architecture design with 12 cm minimum thickness of the insulation and a waterproofing membrane, VEDAG (Germany)

    Danaya Residential Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC


    Danaya Residential Building, HERMITAGE CLASSIC