Elida Residential Building


ELIDA Building is located in Malinova Dolina neighborhood, very close to National Sports Academy.

Malinova Dolina is a newly developed neighborhood with excellent infrastructure and fast access to different locations in the city. It is situated between Simeonovsko Shose Bld., Kliment Ohridski Bld., Sofia Highway and Prof.Dr. Ivan Stranski Str.

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GPS coordinates: 42.641921, 23.344721

Elida Residential Building



ELIDA Building impresses with its stylish design and excellent architecture solutions. The apartments are located in four entrances, each with its own elevator. On each A, B and C area floor there are five or six apartments, while in D entrance there are only two apartments on each floor area.

Available for sale:
• 80 one-bedroom apartments from 64 sq.m. to 91 sq.m.
• 32 two-bedroom apartments from 98 sq.m. to 120 sq.m.
• 6 three- bedroom apartments 165 sq.m.
• 11 commercial stores from 35 sq.m to 91 sq.m.
• 65 single garages
• 25 double garages
• 52 underground parking spaces
• 4 ground level open parking spaces

In the basement of the building are located garage, parking and storage spaces.

ELIDA Building has a beautiful yard, which is safeguarded with a fence as well as with access control and video system.


The construction of the building is monolithic reinforced concrete. The outer walls are made of ceramic bricks Porotherm from Weinerberger (Austria) 25 centimeters width.


All electrical, water /sewerage and heating/ ventilation and air conditioning systems meet the needed requirements. They are precisely made by proven professionals by using high quality materials. The heating system of the building is by Central Heating System of Sofia and all apartments are equipped with radiators. There are outlets for air conditioning system in each apartment.


Common parts
The common parts of the building are made of high-quality materials following interior design which contribute for the comfort of the residents.
• The front door of the building is equipped with access control system.
• Video monitoring of all common parts, perimeter of the fence as well as of the basement.
• Video intercom system
• Landscaping of the yard space, park lighting and alleys
• Beautiful fence around the building
• Metal car gate equipped with remote and access control system.

• PVC joinery from a leading manufacturer.
• Armored front doors equipped with trilateral lock system
• Leveled screed in all rooms
• Gypsum plaster in all rooms and lime plaster in all wet areas from a leading manufacturer
• Electrical installation with placed light switches, plug-in sockets, internet wiring and security system wiring.
• Fully equipped electrical panels including residual – current devices.
• Water and sewerage plug outs with screw caps including water meters with a remote reading option.
• Central Heating System and installed radiators in each apartment.

Garage and parking spaces
• Polished concrete
• Electric garage doors with a remote control


The building has luxurious and modern elevator with a capacity for 10 people. In case of power cut, the elevator automatically stops on the nearest floor and opens the door.


Thermal insulation system with minimum of 10 centimeters width and high quality from a leading European Manufacturer.

Prices start from

908 EUR/m²