Elida Residential Complex

Elida Residential Complex

Elida residential complex is located in Sofia, Malinova Dolina district, in close distance to the National Sports Academy.

Malinova Dolina district is one of the newest neibourhoods which is characterized with excellent infrastructure and quick access to different locations in the city. It is located between Simeonovsko Shose Blvd. , Kliment Ohridski Blvd., Sofia Ring Road and Prof. Dr. Ivan Stranski Str.

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Elida residential complex is located in Sofia, Malinova Dolina district, in close distance to the National Sports Academy.

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GPS coordinates: 42.641652,23.344594

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    The complex is



    100% Completed

    sense of coziness and comfort
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    Entrance door

    armored, tripartite lock
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    Garage doors

    electric driven
    hermitage icon smart thermometer

    Central heating

    with remote registering heat-flow meter installed

    Video surveillance

    video intercom installation
    hermitage icon smart console

    Metal gate

    with remote control


    controlled access to the yard and the complex
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    Yard landscaping

    including alley lighting and benches
    Elida Residential Complex, HERMITAGE CLASSIC



    Elida Complex impresses with its stylish look and excellent architectural solutions. The apartments are distributed into four different entrances, each one with a separate elevator. On each floor level in entrances A,B and C are located five or six apartments, while in entrance D there are two apartments on each floor level.

    For sale there are:

    • 1  one-room apartment 47 sq.m.
    • 82 one-bedroom apartments from 54 sq.m to 81 sq.m.
    • 44 two-bedroom apartments from 82 sq.m to 117 sq.m.
    • 15 three- bedroom apartments from 123 sq.m to 169 sq.m.
    • 4 maisonettes from 149 sq.m to 172 sq.m
    • 11 commercial properties from 30 sq.m. to 200 sq.m.
    • 78 single parking garages
    • 14 double parking garages
    • 3 independent parking system on two levels
    • 45 underground parking spaces

    Elida complex has a beautifully arranged yard, fenced and secured with access control system and video surveillance.


    The construction of the complex is monolithic skeleton-beamless. The external walls are made of ceramic bricks with a thickness of 25 cm.


    All installations (electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) meet the modern standards and requirements. They are precisely implemented by proven professionals and high-quality materials are used as well. The complex has central heating with installed radiators in each apartment with remote reading heat meters. Terminals for air conditioning are provided in each apartment.


    Common parts
    Executed in interior design project, they bring a sense of comfort achieved through:

    • Entrance doors of the complex with access control
    • Video surveillance in the common areas of the ground floor, basement and yard
    • Video intercom system
    • Yard landscaping including alley lighting and benches
    • Fence with an openwork part which secures the yard of the complex
    • Folding metal gate with ac cess control and connection with the video intercom system


    • PVC joinery of a leading manufacturer
    • Armored entrance doors with three-way locking
    • Levelling screed in the rooms
    • Gypsum plaster in the rooms and lime plaster in wet rooms from a leading manufacturer
    • BDS electric installation including installed electric switches, sockets and lamp- holders, internet wiring security system wiring
    • Table electrical equipment including residual-current shielding
    • Plumbing and drain installation with plugs
    • Central heating with remote registering heat flow meter installed in every apartment


    • Polished concrete
    • “Flying wing” garage doors with automatic actuators installed, controlled by a remote control


    The complex has four elevators with modern design by a world leading manufacturer. Each one of them can transport up to 10 people at the same time. In case of power cut the elevator automatically moves to the nearest floor and opens the door.


    Thermal insulation system with total thickness of minimum 10 cm from a leading European manufacturer.

    Elida Residential Complex, HERMITAGE CLASSIC


    Elida Residential Complex, HERMITAGE CLASSIC



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